Dr. Judi Loggie  -  January, 2013

I invest in real estate. I was fortunate that I was able to find Nick on my first venture into Costa Rica. His knowledge reliability and professional standards were immediately apparent as he guided me through the. complications of buying in a foreign country . Since then his assistance has been available as has his willingness to be of help.  I look  forward to working with him in the future.

Erika DeVito  -  April, 2012

Nick helped us purchase property in Platanillo, Costa Rica in March 2012 and did a great job showing us multiple options that might meet our needs. We were looking for something very particular, so Nick went the extra mile hiking the lots and chopping to show us places with great potential. He also helped us understand the market better in Costa Rica so that we could get the best property for maximum value. I would recommend him to anyone looking in the Dominical area of CR. January 8, 2013

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable

Rebecca Finney - October 2011

My husband and I were delighted with Josh and Nick as they gave us a grand tour of the Dominical area.  We were in search of a vacation home or a lot to build on.  With them it was fun and relaxed.  No pressure.  These friendly young men know the area intimately and their love for Costa Rica helped me open my eyes to the wonder of this special country.

Josh and Nick were very generous with their time as we searched for just the right spot,  and after several journeys we found a perfect location.

Now our house is built and we are putting the complete management of it in their capable hands.  I have complete faith in their ability and conscientious attention to the many details of property management.

I highly recommend using these great guys to help you find your dream in the amazing hills of coastal west CR.  You will have a wonderful time!  Blessings.  Jack and Rebecca Finney,  Washington, USA

Russell S. Corkum - June 2011

I was referred to Allside Realty in Dominical, Costa Rica in 2010 after working with different real estate agents and not finding the right property. The owner and operator, Nick Brown, proved to be extremely qualified and trustworthy real estate agent. In January of 2011, Allside Costa Rica helped me purchase the perfect property outside of Dominical at an ideal price. From start to finish, Nick Brown, made the process of buying property in Costa Rica a dream come true. The type of property I was looking for in Costa Rica was very specific and I was not willing to go over my budget. Most real estate agents in the South Pacific zone would try to " up-sell " me on different properties and/or tell me that what I was looking for did not exist in my price range. Nick took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for and they found my piece of paradise for an exceptional price. It was a true pleasure working with Nick at Allside because he was always honest, professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable about all aspects of the real estate market in Costa Rica, including architecture, permits, etc. The other important factors that led me to trust Allside with all of my real estate needs in Costa Rica was the fact that Nick is an American, long time residents of the area with a local family, and in the Dominical area to stay. He reads, writes, and speaks fluent Spanish, an avid surfer and outdoor enthusiast that has a strong respect for the environment, and the most honest and professional real estate agent you will find. I plan on recommending Allside to my friends, family, and colleagues that may be interested in buying property in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Allside Costa Rica made my dreams become a reality in Costa Rica. Pura Vida. January 10, 2013

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert

Russell hired Nick in 2010, and hired him more than once.

Christine Dillard - November 2009

I was first referred to realtors Josh Kanter and Nick Brown in the summer of 2008 when I decided I was going to purchase real estate in Costa Rica. I contacted Josh and Nick, and three other realtors in the Southern Pacific region, provided them the parameters of what I was looking for, and asked for information on potential properties to view when I visited in October of 2008. I realized very quickly that I felt comfortable working with Josh and Nick, and decided not to continue to use the services of the other realtors. I find the fact that both speak fluent Spanish an invaluable asset. Being long-time residents of Costa Rica gives them an edge due to their extensive contacts and knowledge of local properties, the people, history and customs.

From beginning to end, Josh and Nick have been, and continue to be; Truthful, reliable, honest, prompt with responses, Accurate with information, Knowledgeable, efficient and to the point, Polite, patient, gracious and generous.  They have gone beyond the call of duty by assisting with a myriad of additional information unrelated to the purchase of real estate with matters regarding; construction, starting a business, residency, banking/mortgages, and everyday life in Costa Rica. 

Because of their diligence and hard work, I found and purchased the mountain/ocean view property I dreamed of in 2008, and plan on moving to Costa Rica permanently in 2-3 years. I highly recommend associating with Josh Kanter and Nick Brown in any capacity, whether business or personal.

John Murner and Beverly Vyn- December 2007

We had contemplated retiring in the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico but after one trip to Costa Rica we purchased a dream villa overlooking a beautiful bay near the town of Dominical in the Southern Pacific Zone.

On the good side, no matter where you come, you will love the glorious sunsets, the eclectic friends you will make, the fishing and comfortable weather year round.

The citizens of Costa Rica are a smiling happy, group of people, ready to help you if need be.

Every day you will find new flora and fauna to enjoy.

Health care and dentistry is an important consideration for retirees. From personal experience, we have been quite pleased with the medical care.

On the bad side, it takes a while to find dependable workers and contractors. Word of mouth usually helps here.

The electricity goes off and on periodically but is improving.

Vegetables aren not the best but fruits and milk products are delicious. We have also noticed more canned goods in the stores the last year or so. You can find anything you want but you have to know where to look.

The roads off the major highways are rocky and rutted so a four wheel drive is necessary.

All and all you will need to adapt to a new way of life but we have been extremely pleased with our choice.

Thanks to Nick and Josh we are living the Pura Vida life.

John & Bev, 




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