Quepos to Dominical: The Last Stretch

Finally, it is really happening... they are paving the road from Quepos to Dominical.


The infamous 47 kilometers of dirt, bumpy, muddy or dusty (depending on the season), horrible road is going to be no more.

The bridges are completed and ready to go on the Quepos side and they are steadily working their way south. The reports of a 2008 completion maybe slightly optimistic, but some time 2009 is very reasonable.

The implications of this final stretch of the Costanera being paved are huge. It will really open up the Southern Pacific Zone to a lot more diverse group of tourists and investors alike.

What was previously thought as way off the beaten path will now be accessible by some of newest roads in the country.

They also just completed the re-paving of the road from San Isidro to Dominical, making the pothole slalom a thing of the past.

With the International Airport to follow this region of Costa Rica is poised to emerge as one of the most desirable areas to live in the world.

So many times I have heard access is the only problem to this otherwise absolute paradise, well no more excuses.




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